The Anacapa Orthodontic Team

Our Experience Makes Your Experience…Well…Epic

For nearly forty years, Dr. Paul Hannah created healthy, beautiful smiles for an amazing group of patients and families. In 2018, Dr. Ken Smith took the baton, continuing a tradition of great service and amazing orthodontic results. Today, we’re Anacapa Orthodontics and we love making you smile.

Dr. Ken Smith and the team at Anacapa Orthodontics combines years of experience with a fun-loving, patient-focused approach. We all believe that your smile can change your life and that helping you achieve an amazing smile is a privilege. If you’re already a member of the Anacapa Family of Patients, you know what that looks like. If you’re just finding out about us, we can’t wait to meet you in person soon.

Meet Dr. Ken Smith

Dr. Ken Smith - Ventura County Orthodontist

Dr. Ken Smith smiling and thinking about your smile.

Dr. Smith truly loves being an Orthodontist. He enjoys the patient-doctor relationship and the opportunity to be an engineer and customize a perfect smile for each patient. His goal is to listen and connect with patients of all ages, to understand their goals. Best of all Dr Smith enjoys providing each patient with a confident and radiant smile!

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