Lingual Braces

Hidden Braces

There are many exciting orthodontic treatment options that can straighten your teeth to give you a radiant smile! Lingual braces, also known as “hidden” braces provide Dr. Smith with incredible control and faster movement of your teeth. That’s awesome, but patients love them because they are hidden on the back of your teeth and really are invisible – so you can show off your smile even when you’re in treatment.

With InBrace Lingual braces, advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms work together with Dr. Smith’s prescription to create the shortest path for each tooth from where it is today to the desired position. By moving teeth efficiently, InBrace does not apply nearly as much force as traditional braces or aligners to move teeth. It’s called Gentleforce Technology and the result is healthy tooth movement and a beautiful smile. This is the favorite choice for many of our patients who work in television or in the public eye.


The Perfect Smile…Only Faster!

What is INBRACE?
INBRACE is a new technology in lingual orthodontics that uses space-age memory wire to perfect your smile. The product also significantly decreases treatment time and doctor visits so you can get to your new smile even faster. INBRACE has the added benefit of allowing you to brush and floss normally and, unlike clear aligners, doesn’t require patient compliance. It’s perfect for the busy professional who wants a quick and discreet solution to straighten teeth.

Why Choose INBRACE?

  • Fully Invisible: INBRACE is discreetly hidden behind your teeth – only you and your doctor know it’s there.
  • Customize Your Smile: You and your orthodontist create the perfect smile using 3D imaging before you even begin treatment. Create the smile you’ve always wanted.
  • No Hassle: No changing aligners, nothing to remember other than to brush and floss normally. Perfect for travelers and busy professionals.
  • Smartwire Technology: INBRACE uses space-age memory wire for a friction free system that results in less painful treatment overall.