Traditional Braces

Sometimes The Most Epic Approach Is Traditional

Orthodontic treatment is more popular today than ever. For kids, having braces is like a right of passage and traditional, metal braces are the preferred choice for patients of all ages. There are many benefits of correcting misaligned teeth. For example, straight teeth look great, boost confidence, make it easier to chew food and can make a huge difference in a person’s self-esteem. Most importantly, properly aligned teeth allow for improved hygiene, which leads to better overall oral health. There are several types of irregularities, including:

  • Overbite – The upper teeth protrude further than or completely cover the lower teeth.
  • Underbite – The lower teeth protrude further than the upper teeth causing the chin to look prominent.
  • Crossbite – Some of the upper teeth may close inside the lower teeth rather than on the outside.
  • Overcrowding – Insufficient room in the arch causes some adult teeth to erupt incorrectly and become rotated.


Metal & Clear Braces – A Great Choice

Traditions are great. In fact, they become traditions because they play an important role in our lives. Traditional Braces are the gold standard in orthodontics and, in the right hands, are a great tool for straightening your teeth and aligning your bite no matter your age. But don’t let the fact that they’ve been in use for so long lead you to believe that they aren’t cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Smith uses brackets from technology leaders like 3M. You can choose metal or clear braces, but no matter what you choose, you can count on the latest technologies and advancements available at Anacapa Orthodontics.